Company History

Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical is a new name, but we have been producing high quality, porous sintered metal products for over 20 years as the Chand Metallurgical division of Chand Associates (Worcester, MA). Since Ron Chand and Alina Chand founded the Chand Metallurgical division in 1983, the company has focused on the manufacture of custom engineered, porous sintered metal components and assemblies. Low density, porous metal parts are used for an extremely broad array of applications such as chromatography frits, flame arrestors, instrument protection filters and flow control devices. The goal of Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical is to strive for complete customer satisfaction by providing high quality, economical parts with quick delivery. In order to continuously improve our performance, our quality system is ISO 9001 - 2000 Registered.

Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical has over 60 years of combined porous metal engineering experience to provide engineered solutions to support your current applications and to develop new products. All of our products are manufactured at our 10,000 square foot production facility in Caribou, Maine, USA. Please contact Mark Eisenmann at our Sales and Business Office located in Burlington, Connecticut for assistance with your porous metal requirements.

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