We have been manufacturing porous sintered metal products for over 20 years and can assist you to specify the porous metal component for your application. Please fill out the form below and submit your request to our Sales Engineering Group.

In order to purchase porous metal products, please contact our sales engineering office to discuss your product requirements. When purchasing porous sintered metal, there are several important characteristics that may need to be specified in order to assure that you receive a high quality, reproducible product for your application. We can help you determine the appropriate engineering requirements, quality specifications and economic considerations for your custom application.

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Material: Select a material that is suitable for your application environment and budget. Stainless Steel (316L SS), Bronze, Nickel, Hastelloy tm, Monel tm, Inconel tm, titanium.

Micron Grade: The filtration industry commonly specifies a “Micron Grade” for a porous material. The Micron Grade is an estimation of the filtration efficiency to remove solid particles from a gas or liquid stream.

Shape, Dimensions and Tolerances: Porous sintered metals usually have simple shapes such as discs, cups or tubes, but often have special dimensional tolerances required for secondary operations such as press fit assembly or welding.

Quantity Required: Please indicate the current quantity required and annual quantity so that volume discount pricing can be calculated based on expected usage.

Flow Rate: The fluid flow or permeability of a porous material may be critical to some applications, even if the component is used for general filtration and ordered by Micron Grade.

Material Density and Porosity: Porosity or density may be specified since these characteristics will predict mechanical properties and permeability.

Additional Considerations: Part edge conditions such as chamfers, product cleanliness, identification, packaging methods and other porous metal properties can also be specified as necessary to insure a reproducible, uniform product.

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